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Drone Central

Drone Central was founded in November 2017. Our goal is to grow the drone racing sport by supplying high quality parts. We have an assortment that has products that are used these days. No more hassle getting everything from other countries and hoping it will arrive in within two weeks. We deliver triple A brands against a low price. So you always know that you are dealing with good quality parts and not with clones. Drone racing will be the sport of the future


Drone Central is sponsor of the NKDroneRace. (Dutch Drone Nationals) We help to bring the sport to a new level. We will, therefore, be regularly present at events of NKDroneRace. We will also post information about NKDroneRace on our Facebookpage or write articles on our blog. Want to know more about NKDroneRace? Then you can always go to the website of NKDroneRace. Would you like to discuss the possibilities to sponsor your event? Please let us know!


FPV flying is about having fun, with your friends or family. When you put on the FPV glasses and get the adrenaline kick you sometimes forget that you’re standing with both legs on the ground. That makes this hobby/sport so beautiful, you can do it with anyone.

Watch the video below to see what FPV flying is.

Why Drone Central?

Drone Central was founded by an FPV enthusiast. This gives us the expertise to advise you and help you with problems. We also have a dealership with several brands. We also have no supplier in between, so everything comes directly from the producer and problems will be solved quickly. That is why we can offer competitive prices. We also have a fast logistics process, so you will receive your order very quickly. If you want to make an urgent order, you can! Then we make sure that you receive your products as soon as possible. But what about quality control? How do you ensure that you deliver high quality products? The products in the webshop are tested in advance by us or we use them ourselves. Also, every product (yes you read that good, every single product!) from the manufacturer is checked again for visual errors or defects. That makes us special. So you can be sure that you will not receive a broken product. (Products are not removed from the packaging and tested, we check for visibility!)
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